Gabrielle Tamman believes that one of the most important things we can do to better ourselves is to declutter and reassess our closet in a way to keep only what we feel good in and what suits us best, as what we possess and the way we dress reflects how we feel personally inside. When we present a harmonious image we have more confidence in ourselves and our self-esteem increases: we look the way we feel. This will set the tone for a more positive, productive and organized life. She finds more joy in helping others, and feels the best way to do this is to guide you in simplifying your life through your wardrobe.

Gabrielle discovers potential and good in every client she assists, and says, "Show me your closet, and I'll tell you who you are". She works with clients on an individual level and tailors her process to that client's specific taste, desired comfort, and personality. What you are left with at the completion of your time with Gabrielle is a wardrobe of perfect pieces that display who you are and make you look and feel amazing. Her ultimate goal is to guide you on the journey of discovering your true self and your true image. She wants you to feel better about yourself, and knows your closet hides part of that power.

Today's obsession with "busy" leaves you so little time to concentrate on what you are wearing, and whether it looks nice. Gabrielle, a mother of two herself, realizes that everyone can relate on how our lives seem to rush along without us, but she also believes that clothes positively dictate your day. Her philosophy is that personal style is a vital component to feeling good, and that reassessing and refining your style to be a clear extension of your personality, lifestyle, and values is key to your well-being. She offers various packages and services to meet all of your needs. Her knowledge, passion, kindness, and enthusiasm will encourage you to turn to her time and again.

Written by: Kim Remeto-Spacek