May be mixed and matched based on individual client.

All services are available for women, men, and children. 



Gabrielle is a very creative person that is well-respected in various industries. She is available to style projects such as photo shoots, editorial spreads, magazine campaigns, advertisements, and brand marketing. Gabrielle will select all clothing and accessories for the particular look or theme of the project, as well as be on hand to dress and consult. She excels at adapting to various creative teams and sets, and has worked with many amazing visionaries.



Gabrielle will arrive at your home prepared to get to know you and your closet. She takes into consideration how you currently organize. Her goal is to optimize what you already own. She will work with you to create a homogeneous closet that reflects your personal style and lifestyle. Items will be removed and determined to be re-sellable or donations. She will simplify your wardrobe into only pieces that flatter you and your life. The colors and shapes that suit you best will be determined, and only pieces that are aesthetically enhancing, highlight and emphasize positively, and reflect your personal style, will remain. Gabrielle will also introduce new ways to wear and style pieces you already own. If she believes that you need new items or basis, she will create a list of items. She wants to simplify your closet to make it work for you.



Gabrielle is happy to help her clients by shopping for special events and holidays. She also will at times assist with shopping during different lifestyle changes that require new wardrobes or augmentation to existing wardrobes. Gabrielle also offers help with suitcase organization for different holidays and events.